Wholesale Suppliers of Quality Feathers

If you reached a limit where everything seems monotonous, Buy feathers in bulk and observe how your life starts shining again. Schuman Feathers is there to color your life in bright colors. Perhaps you are a craftsperson and you just need to add that little bit of chic to your works.Schuman Feathers is a Miami based online wholesale feather suppliers, providing different types of feathers for carnival celebration, wedding and party decoration, home decoration, craft and millinery applications, and other useful purposes. We deal into a variety of wholesale feathers that are available in a range of colors, sizes and prices. These include:

Pheasant Feathers

These plumes are very distinct and attractive in appearance and can be used for making costumes, fashion accessories, craft and millinery items, centerpieces, bouquets, headpieces, and for decoration. We offer different types of wholesale pheasant feathers that include Ring neck, Golden tail, and Reeves, Lady Amherst and Zebra pheasant. You can buy these feathers in attractive shades and in different sizes, as per your requirement.

Peacock Feathers

Wholesale peacock feathers are highly adorable and are used for various decorative purposes. Besides decoration, these plumes are used to make fashion ornaments, stylish outfits, wedding dresses, craft and millinery items, centerpieces, bouquets, costume parts like wings, masks and headpieces, and to adorn purse, footwear and cakes. You can buy peacock quills from our Website in natural shade as well as in over dyed, bleached and dyed forms.

Ostrich Feathers

We supplies wholesale ostrich feathers for sale in different types that include plumes, spades and short ostrich quills. These beautiful feathers are used for decoration, theater production and craft projects. In addition to these, they are used to make centerpieces, millinery items, carnival costumes, masks, fashion accessories, stylish dresses, to name a few.

Nagorie Feathers

These Nagorie goose are curly goose feathers, used to make pads in bright and beautiful shades that are then used to make gorgeous headbands for little ones. These feathers are available on our site in various striking colors.

Roosters Feathers

You can use these feathers for different reasons, such as: decoration, costume making, craft and millinery applications, centerpieces and many more. We deal into Hackle, Saddle, and Schlappen types of rooster feathers.

What we offer

We are listed in top wholesale feather suppliers and offer our customers an easy-to-reach destination for buying natural wholesale feathers at affordable cost. You can shop for any of your preferred feathers from our site in some easy to follow steps. If you want price quotation for any feather, you can ask for this by simply filling-up an enquiry form. For more details on any feather, you can explore our website. Moreover, for placing order, you simply need to fill and submit an inquiry form.As a wholesale feather supplier, we know that the best way to win the customers' appreciation is by providing high quality products. You can contact us, in case of any doubt or query. We assure that you will get all necessary assistance from our service representatives.