make your event more ravishing with feathers.

You can shop for finest quality feathers in different colors and sizes as party supplies in wholesale from Schuman Feathers.

We offer a wide range of natural feathers for making carnival costumes, masks, party dresses, bouquets, centerpieces, furnishing, craft and millinery items, fashion accessories, for home decoration and as theatre supplies. The list of plumes offered by us includes Peacock, Ostrich, Saddle, Pheasant, Cocktail, Nagorie and lot more. For your party celebration, you can buy any of these feathers, depending upon your requirement, from our website at wholesale price. If you want to make natural feathers as your wedding or party theme, you can buy plumes from us to make your celebration a grand success. We offer top-quality feathers in different color combinations to heighten-up your party celebration or to pep-up a quince, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or Wedding.

Use of natural plumes is a very unique and novel way to make your party celebration distinct in every manner. As your party theme, you can use quills to make your wedding dress, bouquets, wedding centerpiece, and for venue decoration.

Even, you can use colorful quills for cake decoration, and to adorn food serving dishes and other items. If you are a bride, you can use natural quills to make wedding gown and associated accessories, to adorn your footwear and to style-up your hairstyle to look gorgeous and different. If you are a groom, you can use quills in the form of boutonniere, bracelet and cufflinks.

You can even request and encourage your guests to don feather made or adorned outfits in attractive shades of pink, yellow, green, turquoise, orange, red, blue, and several others. Besides using quills as your wedding theme, you can also use them to embellish other parties and events, like birthdays, house warming, official get together and many more.

We offer all of the above stated quills in bulk to adorn every single corner of your party venue. You can buy feathers as party planning supplies from our site within a budgeted range, as compared to other wholesalers.

Get ready to make your party celebration memorable and remarkable with natural feathers, bought from Schuman Feathers!


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