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Ostrich Feather Boas

Ostrich Feather Boas

Each Ostrich Boa is 6 feet long and are offered in four different thicknesses. The larger the ply, the thicker and more dramatic results. Ostrich boas are designed for an elegant, classy look and have flowy tendrils for a dramatic look.

Feather boas have been used since the late 1800's. Ostrich boas were originally worn to display their social state and high society.

Many Celebrities have, and still do wear ostrich feathers on clothing such as: Lucile Ball, Shirley Temple, Joan Crawford, Angela Lansbury, Diana Ross,Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Pink and Beyonce just to name a few.

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2pc Feather Dusters, 14"
2pc Feather Dusters, 14"
Regular price $9.99
2pc, Feather Dusters, 28"
2pc, Feather Dusters, 28"
Regular price $21.99

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